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Pooled SIPP

"Providing simplicity and economies of scale to groups"

The City Trustees Pooled SIPP is designed to offer economies of scale and simplicity to groups such as families and business partners who have like-minded investment requirements, from commercial property or discretionary management.

It is open to groups who do not have a sponsoring employer, with no limit to the number of members who can join. Each member will hold trusteeship alongside City Trustees who will act as the professional trustee of the scheme.

Benefits of the Pooled SIPP

One benefit of the Pooled SIPP is that it allows business groups offers the ability to in-specie transfer assets, such commercial property in their entirety rather than splitting into multiple schemes.

Spreading a commercial property purchase across multiple individual SIPPs can prove an administrative strain if a member leaves, retires or passes away.  In contrast, Pooled SIPP offers administrative simplicity with one scheme owning the property.  It can also negate the need for borrowing or indeed create a greater borrowing capacity.

The Pooled SIPP can efficiently facilitate the payment of leaver transfer values, retirement and death benefits with ease.  Liquid assets within the pool can be earmarked or used to fund these situations whilst other members’ share of the fund can remain in the form of the property.

The Pooled SIPP has access to the diverse range of HMRC permitted investments, allowing IFAs and members the changed to build a diverse portfolio of core and specialist holdings within a retirement planning portfolio.  Further access is available to capped and flexible drawdown together with open market annuity options.

The Pooling of assets may also help business partners such as solicitors, accountants, architects, doctors and dentists to simplify the facilitation succession planning.  This can include the exit of a retiring partner and the inclusion of a new business associate.

The Pooled SIPP can link to most fund supermarkets, wrap platforms and discretionary fund managers for the cost-efficient investment of rent and/or other non-property related.

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