City Trustees - part of Mattioli Woods

How we work with independent financial advisers

We are a specialist pension provider concentrating on genuine self-invested pensions and work in partnership with IFAs, adopting a 'can-do' attitude. City Trustees does not provide client advice, ensuring that there is no conflict of interest and roles are clearly identified. Our role is the administration and operation of your clients' pension arrangements and we appreciate that service is a key element.

To ensure independent financial advisers can provide full flexibility within their advice to their clients, we do not operate on panels, therefore, allowing full access to investments and deposits, and providers of professional services. We also allow alternative investments and direct ownership of property. We will consider all suitable investments and provide interpretation of legislation with the client's best interests at heart to avoid unnecessary tax charges.

We look to work tactically with you as our introducer and have dedicated business development managers to provide the individual support you require. Key to our offering is the technical support and provision of solutions, which ensure your clients can maximise their pension arrangements.

Providing copies of client correspondence, our extensive annual client review pack and mailings in advance will ensure you are fully informed and can incorporate this information into your advice process.

Summary of IFA support:

  • Seminars - Pension seminars providing technical updates to IFAs
  • Factsheets - A range of factsheets and guidance for IFAs on a various pension related topics, including flexible drawdown, connected and unquoted share investments, Family SIPP and Pooled SIPP
  • Proactive technical support
  • Comprehensive renewal pack
  • Legislation updates
  • Effective client communication
  • Dedicated IFA liaison