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IFA services and resources

Summary of IFA support:

  • Newsletters - Quarterly industry update for IFAs
  • Seminars - Pension seminars providing technical updates to IFAs
  • Factsheets - A range of factsheets and guidance for IFAs on a various pension related topics, including flexible drawdown, connected and unquoted share investments, Family SIPP and Pooled SIPP
  • Proactive technical support
  • Comprehensive renewal pack
  • Legislation updates
  • Effective client communication
  • Dedicated IFA liaison



City Private Pension Deed of Appointment

City Private Pension - SIPP application form


SSAS Application form

SSAS - Trust Deed

SSAS - Rules

Transfers in

Transfers Guidance Booklet

Transfer in Application

Bank account opening forms

BoS Bank Account - Application Form

BoS Bank Account - Pension Trust Mandate

Financial Services Compensation Scheme - Information Sheet

Benefits (including death benefits)

SIPP Expression of Wish Form - Members

SIPP Expression of Wish Form - Dependants / Nominees / Successors

Pension Flexibility Factsheet

Death Benefits Guidance Factsheet

Retirement Guidance Booklet

Key Features & Terms and Conditions

City Private Pension - Terms & Conditions

Key Features - Simpplicity 2 SIPP

Simpplicity 2 SIPP - Terms & Conditions

ARES SIPP - Key Features

ARES SIPP - Terms & Conditions

Key Features - City Private Pension

SSAS - Terms & Conditions

City Trustees Family SIPP - Terms & Conditions

Key Features - MW Personal Pension

Key Features - MW SIPP

SIPP and SSAS fees

With City Trustees, establishing the costs of setting-up and operating a SIPP could not be easier! Our fees are simple, straight forward and transparent. The schedule below sets out our standard fees in 3 easy steps.

At City Trustees, we pride ourselves that our products are founded on simple and transparent charges. Charges have to be at the right level to support the business for the long-term and allow the appropriate level of experienced staffing to provide the required service; not at a level to buy unprofitable business or products supported by poor service. City Trustees has recently reviewed its fee structure, which we believe is now priced appropriately to provide a genuine bespoke SIPP, with high levels of personalised service, delivered by a dedicated account manager. We have opted for a transparent transactional-based charging structure, thus adopting a fair 'pay for what you use' approach that is clear to understand.

To view our SIPP and SSAS fees, please click on the links below:

SIPP Joint Trustee

SSAS Standard Fee

Investment products to support your client strategies

Custodian REIT

The Mattioli Woods Group launched Custodian REIT on 26 March 2014 with £95 million of UK commercial property. This was sourced from an existing portfolio of 48 properties, held by clients of Mattioli Woods in a syndicated structure. The REIT is an independent company managed by Custodian Capital Limited, a subsidiary of Mattioli Woods plc.

The diverse portfolio consists of properties let to institutional grade tenants on long leases throughout the UK. In addition to the seed portfolio, Custodian REIT plc has raised a further £55 million through an initial public offering (IPO).

Custodian REIT's policy is to invest in high-quality properties of £2-£5 million providing long-term, secure income with a target distribution of 6.25% from year 2 (5.25% in year 1) and long-term Net Asset Value growth.

Structured products

We have an ongoing range of structured product plans exclusively available to your clients through our Group. Whilst there are a number of variations, in essence a structured product provides a high level of capital security (sometimes as strong as a FSCS-protected bank deposit), but with attractive returns correlated with the performance of various investment markets. Due to the economies of scale within the Group we are able to create bespoke plans, otherwise not available in the marketplace.

Much like property syndication, clients are encouraged to invest in relatively small denominations, sequentially, over time. In this way, a portfolio can be built that can provide a high level of capital security; investment returns linked to the performance of some of the most exciting investment markets around the world, and a stream of redemptions, typically after five years, that can be used to assist in many ways, from the provision of pension payments if held within a pension scheme, to funding many other needs around personal and family requirements.