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Flexible investment options

"We offer fully bespoke products providing flexibility around investment choice"

Investment choice is one of the key differentiators between varying Self-invested personal pension (SIPP) and Small self-administered scheme (SSAS) products and providers.

Investment flexibility, or the fact that the product can cope with the full lifecycle of retirement planning, is essential in today's marketplace. We believe that our fully bespoke products provide flexibility, giving IFAs and members the choice to build core and specialist holdings within their retirement planning portfolio.

Flexible investment choice

City Trustees has experience in a wide range of investments, including unquoted shares, private equity and third-party loans, as well as unregulated investments. We adopt a 'can do' attitude when dealing with IFAs and accessing investments and allow most investments that are HMRC permissible (non-taxable) and used for genuine retirement purposes.

We look to work with advisers and will question the investments from a taxable property point of view and provide interpretation of the legislation with the client's interest at heart. With an ever-changing legislative landscape, we strive to provide you with meaningful guidance on your clients' pension schemes.

Flexible Pension Payment options

City Trustees operates two monthly payroll runs, as well as a quarterly, half-yearly and annual payroll, plus the facilitation of ad-hoc payments to provide full flexibility.


In some cases, the use of directors' pension benefits to establish a SSAS is an option. A SSAS is able to lend half of its net value to a sponsoring employer and this type of pension scheme can lend money at a commercial rate. A loanback can be useful in assisting the development of a business. A lump sum contribution can be made to the pension scheme creating a corporate tax saving and then loaned back to the business in order to retain the cash within the company. It should also be noted that any interest paid to the pension scheme will also reduce profits, creating future corporation tax savings.

Commercial property

In some instances, where a company may find it difficult to obtain funding to expand the business or buy plant and machinery, there is the possibility of purchasing part/all of the commercial property to release funds from the scheme. The company's outgoings can therefore be re-engineered to be more effective.

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Stocks and shares

Self-invested pension schemes can also be used to help provide liquidity to businesses by purchasing shares in that particular company. By purchasing unquoted shares, especially if the business is looking to take advantage of opportunities in the market, there is the potential of sufficient returns for the pension scheme.

Custodian REIT

The Mattioli Woods Group launched Custodian REIT on 26 March 2014 with £95 million of UK commercial property. This was sourced from an existing portfolio of 48 properties, held by clients of Mattioli Woods in a syndicated structure. The REIT is an independent company managed by Custodian Capital Limited, a subsidiary of Mattioli Woods plc.

Structured products

We have an ongoing range of structured product plans exclusively available to your clients through our Group. Whilst there are a number of variations, in essence a structured product provides a high level of capital security (sometimes as strong as a FSCS-protected bank deposit), but with attractive returns correlated with the performance of various investment markets. Due to the economies of scale within the Group we are able to create bespoke plans, otherwise not available in the marketplace.

Much like property syndication, clients are encouraged to invest in relatively small denominations, sequentially, over time. In this way, a portfolio can be built that can provide a high level of capital security; investment returns linked to the performance of some of the most exciting investment markets around the world, and a stream of redemptions, typically after five years, that can be used to assist in many ways, from the provision of pension payments if held within a pension scheme, to funding many other needs around personal and family requirements.

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